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In this highly anticipated tribute album, Royce Mitchell gives recognition to the life and influence of George Younce. If you think there is a note or two that sounds like George, Royce would be humbled and overjoyed all while recognizing there was only one George Younce!


Royce's favorite bass singer loved people. George Younce was an encourager and an incredibly effective communicator through a song, joke, testimony, or story. Through the decades, he and The Cathedral Quartet have had a multi-generational ministry impact. “Well, GLORY!!!”


Track List:

  1. Child of the King
  2. Hold Me
  3. This Ole House
  4. Thanks to Calvary
  5. Who Can Do Anything?
  6. I Thirst
  7. It's Alright
  8. The Man I Used to Be
  9. We Shall See Jesus
  10. Suppertime
  11. There Is a Haven
  12. Sign Off Medley

Remembering George Younce

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