Twenty years of original songs written for Liberty Quartet

CD One:
1. Let Someone Find Jesus 
2. There’s a Testimony  
3. All the Way  
4. I’m His  
5. Into the Water
6. God Made a Way
7. Won’t That Be Heaven 
8. Great Day 
9. Call It What It Is  
10. Tears of Joy  
11. He Came to Me 
12. He’s Been There Too

Disc Two:
1. We Seek Your Presence  
2. I Love Living in Grace
3. He Had to Hold to Calvary
4. Why Wouldn’t I  
5. New Jerusalem
6. He’ll Come Through 
7. I Made It Mine 
8. Love Kept Him There 
9. Just Stand
10. The Journey
11. In the Day of the Lord
12. Contagious


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