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Founder of Liberty Quartet, Royce Mitchell, received notice from Philip Batton that the time had come for him to resign from Liberty Quartet. Batton reflected, “I have never loved working at a job – if you want to call it that – as much as I have singing tenor for Liberty Quartet. The past 12 years has been a fulfillment of a dream and I will always have great memories of this time with Liberty.”


Liberty Quartet often sings songs that were authored by Philip’s father, Robert Batton. Some of those fan favorite songs, such as When I Pass Through the Gates, are ones Philip has carried the lead part vocally. Royce Mitchell, in commenting about Philip’s departure, stated, “I am so very grateful for the many years Philip has given to the ministry. We have experienced so much together. I pray the very best for Philip and Susie in their days ahead and their walk with the Lord.”


Batton will complete his service with Liberty Ministries on February 24, 2023. Mitchell met with the Liberty Ministries Board of Directors on Thursday, February 2, and apprised them of Philip’s request and the timeline he had proposed. The board is doing its best to honor his request and timeline, and now will begin the process to identify a replacement for Batton. While searching for a new tenor vocalist, select individuals will fill in this winter and spring.


“The people that love and follow Liberty are not just fans,” Batton stated, “I love and appreciate all of you.” The thoughts and prayers of the Liberty Ministry Board of Directors are with Philip Batton as he transitions in life to what the Lord has in store for his future.

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