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Liberty Ministries Board of Directors has received the resignation from Derek Simonis. Simonis has sung baritone with Liberty Quartet for the past 2 years.

Board Chairman Keith Waggoner stated, “We have been blessed to have Derek as part of Liberty Quartet’s ministry. He brought the group to another level in so many ways. While Derek has been loved by our friends and fans, thanks in part to his dedicated service to our country as a proud Army veteran, he has also been an integral part of Liberty’s ministry behind the scenes. I particularly appreciate his passion and love for Jesus Christ, his work ethic, and his character. He will always be part of the Liberty family.”


Founder of Liberty Quartet and bass singer, Royce Mitchell, reflected on Derek and stated, “Derek has had a positive impact on our ministry through his passion for gospel music, his creativity, and his service to our country. We will continue to pray for Derek, his wife Jana, and their two boys as they work through this transition.”

Liberty Ministries, Inc.
55 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 100
Meridian, ID 83642

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