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Philip Batton to Depart Liberty Quartet
Bus Trip to GWFF
Living Hope Tour
Miles of Miracles
Remembering George Younce
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Click play on any of the songs below to sample different songs that we have recently recorded. 
Freedom - Liberty Quartet
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Based Upon the Word - Liberty Quartet
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Til Mercy Sang - Liberty Quartet
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Come Home to Jesus - Liberty Quartet
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America the Beautiful - Liberty Quartet
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Joy In The House - Liberty Quartet
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Liberty is a Gospel group based in the West with a full-time concert schedule. The members of Liberty are Royce Mitchell, bass; Paul W. Ellis, lead; Philip Batton, tenor; Will Arasmith, baritone; and Doran Ritchey, piano/baritone. Liberty travels many miles a year, ministering in performances for church services, nursing homes, prisons, and other ministries. They also sing at large conventions including Southwest Gospel Music Festival, Great Western Fan Festival, and the Gospel Music Fan Festival in Canada (see all upcoming events here). The guys cherish the opportunity to connect with people and make new friends wherever they go.

They have had the opportunity to share the platform with groups such as Gaither Vocal Band, Legacy Five, Greater Vision, the Booth Brothers, the Hoppers, the Isaacs, the Collingsworth Family, and many others. You will certainly enjoy the enthusiasm these men exhibit while serving and singing to the Lord. While featuring everything from high-energy performances to moments of contemplation, Liberty always leads the congregation in an incredible concert of worship. Their ministry bridges all generations, bringing enjoyment to traditional and contemporary venues.

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Liberty Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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